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Business owners and investors require more than just transactional agents handling paperwork. We offer deep knowledge, extensive experience, and valuable insights to IGNITE your commercial real estate journey.

Commercial Real Estate Services

I focus on multifamily properties but my team is more than capable of covering everything in commercial real estate. These are some of the services we provide: 


We can provide a broker opinion of value (BOV) or in some cases called broker price opinions (BPO) for commercial real estate.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

We can help in the process of buying or selling ownership of most types of commercial real estate including multifamily.

Market Reports

Comprehensive overviews of current conditions and trends in different commercial real estate markets.


Includes office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, industrial buildings, multi-family housing buildings, and more.

Investment Strategies

We provide advice on different approaches investors can take to achieve their financial goals.

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